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Product Details

The InMotion O2 Vest is designed to provide the wearer with the ability to carry an oxygen cylinder on their back in a stable, centered position, freeing the arms and upper body for full range of motion.


Constructed of lightweight, fast-drying, neoprene fabric, the vest provides movement flexibility without stretching or losing it's shape. The cylinder pocket design minimizes the vertical shifting and horizontal bouncing of the cylinder that can disrupt balance. This enables less restrictive upper body movement and supports active mobility such as running, jumping, reaching and swinging.

Perfect for individuals with medical conditions that require supplemental oxygen for exertion but who want more mobility and range of motion than a standard cylinder carrier or concentrator can provide.



  • Lightweight, fast-drying neoprene fabric

  • Adjustable side straps for custom fit

  • Attached loops to hold cannula oxygen tubing in place and limit tangles

  • Padding inside lower back

  • Cushioned flap with clip helps hold M6/B medical-grade cylinder (not included) inside the sleeve and provides some cushion from regulator

  • Attached pocket for regulator wrench (not included)

Product Dimensions:


Size 1: (fits X-small, small & slim-medium t-shirt size)    

15” wide across the lower back
14” long from top to bottom of back
Straps – 18” from bottom to center

Size 2: (fits medium, Large & XL)
   21” wide across the lower back
   14” long from top to bottom of back
   Straps – 18” from bottom to center

Size 3: (fits XXL)
   25” wide across lower back
   14” long from top to bottom of back
   Straps – 19” from bottom to center

ALL Sizes:

Weight (without cannister) 1lb, 2oz

Outer material – Neoprene (100% polyester).

Strap webbing – 100% Polypropylene, 1-inch

Holds one (1) M6/B* medical-grade oxygen cylinder (not included)

*now available to fit M9/C cylinder



Spot-clean. Hand-wash, cold. Mild detergent. Non-chlorine bleach. Line dry, DO NOT IRON

In Motion 02 Vest 6.jpg
In Motion 02 Vest 5.jpg
Image by Matt Palmer

InMotion O2 Vest is designed to hold one, standard M6/B oxygen cylinder.

Product does NOT include oxygen cylinder, cannula or tubing.

Product is designed for and intended for specific use with medical-grade oxygen cylinders only. Any non-intended use of this product shall void all warranties either express or implied.

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